Laptop Repair And Upgrades

We provide many types of Upgrades and Repair services for Laptops. It can be really frustrating when things break or just don't work, Computer Healthcare is certified and guaranteed to assist in the correct resolution of all Repairs.We are able to resolve all software and hardware issues, please see below to see our range of Laptop Repair and Upgrade Services.

Laptop Maintenance And Support

Do you find your laptop isn't working as it should, are you getting errors relating to missing drivers and outdated software? We can provide assistance in
the following areas Hardware Driver Updates and configuration Printer and Scanner Installations Software Installations Webcam and other peripherals
Installations Installations and Optimisation (with data backup and restore if necessary)

Clean-up, Tune-up and Health Checks

Do you find your laptop is not running just as it used to, is it taking too long to load a webpage or can you hear funny noises? This package provides a
full service to your computer. The following steps are undertaken: Computer fault diagnostics – To check if any components are failing or have failed
Driver Updates and correct configuration of devices Virus/Spyware Removal – A full search of your system to check whether your computer is infected
by malicious threats Remove temporary files and defragment your hard drive – Helps to speed up your PC to obtain maximum performance Update
your Operating System and Anti-Virus Software – To ensure all security updates are installed and virus definitions are updated A full thorough clean
inside your PC or laptop Increases your computers performance and helps eliminate dust which can cause overheating and damage to components

Laptop Screen Repair

We provide screen repairs to all Laptop and Netbooks. We can provide assistance in the following areas:Broken, Cracked or Smashed screens
Dead pixels Dim or Dull screens Blotches and liquid leakage Screen appears completely black Screen appears completely white