Technology Repair

Computer Repair

Printer Problem

Our technicians offer repair solution to get your printer up and running.Can’t make it to our shop? We can come to you, bringing our IT expertise and knowledge to the front doors of your business – within four hours from the time of Aaryan infotech and let us bring it back to operational status

Desktop Repair

Virus Removal

The viruses of today aren’t looking to just crash your computer, they seek to steal your data, your identity, turn your computer into a spambot, or use it to conduct other illegal and dangerous deeds. call or visit office and let us remove it, get you back to operational status, and install an antivirus suite to protect you.

Laptop Repair

Laptop internal problem

If your computer is running slow,We can tell you if it’s something fixable, if it needs an upgrade, or if it’s time to look at a replacement. Let us know what you need it to do, and let our experienced and knowledgeable IT Support team make the recommendations to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Virus Removal

Operating System Installation:

Aaryan infotech can upgrade or reinstall your operating system, ensuring that it’s done right, and saving you from errors and problems down the line. We will also install all patches and fixes released up to this point.

Backup Solution

CPU Configure

Time for an upgrade? Aaryan infotech can install any Sound Card, Video Card, Processor, Hard Drive, and any other IT related device into your computer. Don’t know what you need? Bring it down to CPR and we can not only tell you what you need to power up your machine, but we can order and install it for you!


Aaryan Infotech

New System Sales

Need to upgrade to something new? We sell quality computer equipment along with the data transfer services to make your new computer turn-key!

Instead of throwing your computers away in the trash and harming the environment, bring them to Aaryan infotech and we will recycle them for free.
You’re always welcome to drop off your computer to us. We’ll look at it right away!.